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May 2019 Crystal Readings for All Signs

Enjoy watching your May 2019 crystal readings for all the zodiac signs. Each sign has been timestamped in the comments of the video so you can skip straight to your sign.

The keyword for all signs for May 2019 is PATIENCE.

The crystals for each sign are as follows.

Aries - Rose Quartz

Taurus - Red Calcite

Gemini - Strawberry Quartz

Cancer - Lepidolite

Leo - Celestite

Virgo - Mookaite

Libra - Peacock Ore

Scorpio - Black Moonstone

Sagittarius - Green Aventurine

Capricorn - Ocean Jasper

Aquarius - Paraiba Kyanite

Pisces - Blue Calcite

The majority of the crystals are available and can be found by clicking here

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