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Full Moon in Sagittarius

There's completion here. Yes, you've completed a cycle or phase in your life and you're stepping into new beginnings. Is your mind on fire? Is your soul on fire? Are you feeling hot for this?  Are you feeling full of passion for what's to come or do you allow fear to rule the day? What level of fire are you using to create from? Or are you sitting and thinking about what once was? Not recognising that there is something amazing about to transpire at your fingertips. Not acknowledging that where you are at is what you have manifested into your life. Huh? You didn't realise that you were a master manifestor? 

You done the work to get to this point so go out and celebrate! Fill the spaces that are vacant with joy and pleasure. There's no need to sit empty with what has been released. What level of fire are you? 🔥 Red Coral 🔥 Red Calcite 🔥 Red Jasper 🔥 Carnelian 🔥 Polychrome Jasper 🔥 Mookaite 🔥 Red Aventurine 🔥 Tangerine Quartz Twin Point 🔥 Orchidean Calcite 🔥 Baryte and Vanadinite 

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