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Full Moon in Capricorn Crystal Energy Reading

The Full Moon in Capricorn comes along with the powerful energy of a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

The initial message it calls on us to look at is what seeds we planted at the beginning of the year when we encountered the New Moon in Capricorn. What in intentions did we set? What resolutions did we make? What plans did we write down and what did we wish to create this year?

We're guided to use this energy as a check-in. Combined also with Mercury being in retrograde, we are given the ideal opportunity to review, revise and reflect on our plans and creations. What's working, what can be put aside and where do we need to put in more work before the year comes to a close?

We're urged to think of this time as a personal mid year audit to balance out the losses and celebrate the gains.

The second message that this Full Moon and the eclipse energy brings us is to be in preparation for the Lionsgate. The Lionsgate is a powerful energetic portal that occurs every year on 8/8. I feel that this year it is bringing through the message for us to be clear on our vision as we fully align and integrate with our Soul Path, welcoming progressive change and trusting our internal guidance as doors of opportunity begin to align with our highest calling.

The keywords that have come to me for the Full Moon in Capricorn and Partial Lunar Eclipse are:





We are being asked to look at all aspects of our lives and how we can apply these actions in to bring more harmony and balance.

Enjoy watching the energy report and wishing you all a blissful month!


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