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The Sage Son meets... Harecrop Crafts

I was lucky enough to win tickets to The Mind Body Spirit Festival in Birmingham and attended the event yesterday. Now I absolutely love going to this festival and have gone to the one in London over the past few years. It's the perfect place to lift your vibration and discover new alternatives, therapies, remedies and ideas to enhance life, emotionally, physically and spirtually.

As we arrived yesterday, the first stall I made a bee-line for was Harecrop Crafts. I've been following Peter's work on Facebook for a while and have been intrigued by the Hare's he makes, so I was delighted to be able to meet him and see his collection up close.

The Hare's all contain Spearstone, Selenite and Quartz and I was drawn to a few different indigo and purple ones. Peter placed the Hares along the lifeline to see if I felt any energy or pull that resonated with me. I chose a beautiful sparkly Hare which will be sitting on my windowsill, ready for the next full moon to bring growth, abundance and prosperity to my home!

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