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Crystal Grid - Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

Crystal Grids send out a beautiful healing vibration as well as being a beneficial tool for mediation and setting intentions. I enjoy the process of creating crystal grids and find it both calming and relaxing. The energy I feel when creating a grid guides me to intuitively place crystals in a specific layout and choose crystals which I feel will resonate with how I am feeling both on a personal and universal level. Sharing the crystal grid enables a greater humanitarian connection and raises the collective vibration of the planet.

We are able to create personal grids. To find out more information, click here.

My thoughts when creating this grid were how many of us stifle our voice? How many of us shut down rather than speak our truth?

It may be that in the past we were ridiculed about what our thoughts and passions were. It may be that we have gone through life and allowed people who we perceived to be more dominant or authorative to dictate the direction our lives should take.