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This Week's Bestseller - Silver Topaz

It's really interesting to see what is the bestselling item each week. I often wonder if what is occuring on a universal level, resonates with many which in turn attracts people to the energy of a particular crystal.

This week Silver Topaz topped the crystal pile!

Silver Topaz is a high vibrational crystal that works with aligning the chakras and promoting a fluid flow of positive energy. Physically, I feel that it is a beneficial crystal with regards to releasing toxins and chemicals that are harmful to the body. Emotionally it is believed to assist with alleviating feelings of depression and anxiety.

The past month or so has seen quite tense energy with regards to the Full Blood Moon and Mercury Retrogade. We are very much going through a time of releasing old patterns, belief systmes and habits that no longer positively serve us. A crystal such as Silver Topaz may then assist us on this leg of our journeys as well as guiding with manifesting what we do actually want in our lives.

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