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Time for some magic

Exploding in the sky

Wondering how

This year has flown by

Wow! We're in November! Are you, like me, still trying to figure out how we got here so quickly? And what a year it has been!

In January 2015 I had written a poem with a verse for each month of the year. I then paperclip bombed it into a friends diary. The words at the top of the page were what I had written for November. At the time I had no idea that my life was in the process of immense transformation, that would metaphorically have me steering a tiny sailboat crammed with every aspect of my life to date, across stormy seas, wave after wave crashing over me. Yet this sailboat keeps on bobbing along, I'm still rowing, I continue to rise above the waves.

And that's the important part. Regardless of the fact that I have had to confront and change so much in my life, and some weeks it does feel like I'm going under, I know that these challenges are making me stronger. All the changes, no matter how difficult they have been to bare at times, are necessary for this spiritual journey that I have committed to.

Over the past month I have seen growth within myself in relation to my meditation and manifestation practice. I feel that the rate in which I am now manifesting is often so rapid that it takes me by surprise. Feedback from friends has confirmed that they are also going through a similar process.

As we now step into and hold the space of November, which can certainly be deemed as the most powerful month of the year, I recognise that it is necessary to be mindful of the energy that we allow to enter our lives. In terms of manifestation, it is imperative that we maintain positivity because I am sure we do not want to manifest negative aspects or thoughts. The more we think of the negativie, the more likely we are to allow those thoughts to hold space and manifest into reality.

When events occur in our lives which are disruptive, negative or unpleasant, we have to acknowledge them. It will not serve us any purpose to bury our heads in the sand and pretend they have not happened. But it is important to ensure that we do not let these events and emotions consume us. They are not our being, they are a feeling that we are able to observe, deal with, confront and ultimately release with acknowledgement to the lesson it has taught.

The new moon will be with us on 11/11. I am still trying to contain my excitement at what an amazingly powerful moment this will be. Do set yourself positive new moon intentions that you can work towards manifesting over the next moon phase.

Ask the universe for release of all things that no longer positively serve you, your life and your soul mission, whether they be physical, mental or emotional.

I am sending you all so much happiness, love and healing light for the month ahead. Step into your power!

Sonya xx

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