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Our Fire

We were born with this fire

That you try to stamp down Over 2000 years later And our fire is still burning

You feed us falsehoods Blatantly labelled as control You don't even disguise what you're doing to us Yet convinced us that it is empowering To lose the natural flow of who we are

How so is it empowering To have our essence silenced How is it that we have believed this to be true

We now step into our sensuality We reclaim the beauty that is our sexual being We hold the space that beneath all of this is absolute magic

Such magic that scares you Such magic that you won't allow yourself to comprehend Such magic that you try to manipulate and control

There are no dying embers here Only fire That burns ever brighter Ever stronger Alive Giving life

And you know That when you connect to us When you choose to play with fire So too will you become

Dancing within the flames A heart set alight Burning the power that the ego Clings to out of fear

Yet stepping into power

A power so different A power unknown to you

The power that we hold together as one The power to transform The power to transcend The power to LOVE ©2016 The Sage Son

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