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March 2017 Full Moon Reading

Evening everyone!

Well I'm sure by now you all know I love a full moon! As always, it's the perfect time to get your crystals out for a energetic cleanse and charge and raise their vibration.

A full moon is the perfect time to release things in our life that no longer serve us, as we move forward on our life path. It's a good time for us to reflect what is working and create a monthly practice, along with the New Moon of setting intentions, actively manifesting and bringing in the changes and transitions that may be needed in our daily lives.

This month I have drawn the following cards and crystals that I feel sum up the energy of this current phase in the lunar cycle.

I have initially looked at what needs to be released with regards to emotional aspects in our lives and was guided to work with Smoky Spirit Quartz. Spirit Quartz crystals can only be found in South Africa and I was lucky enough to have someone source some for me on their travels. This crystal looks at bringing in emotional balance to our lives and combined with the card Free At Last it encourages us to 'Let go of old wounds and your heart will overflow; you are free at last'. In order for us to be able to go for what we want in life, we first have to make space for new to enter. This isn't always physical thing or item that needs to be released and is quite often outdated emotions or hurts that we are holding onto, causing us to not move