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The Darkness

I say so many times, to so many people throughout the day every week, every month, that this journey can break you to the core. And when you feel like you're done breaking, like every part of you has been stripped away to the exposed flesh, you then experience that there is still more to go. Still more to lose, to release, to learn, to surrender to. And you know, that is the true face of this spiritual journey. The love, the light, the butterflies and Angels, the crystals and amazing array of healing that is out there, that is all tools. Tools to help us along, tools to guide us through even, tools that entice us in, tools that beckon us onto this journey, tools that can even mask the reality of what is truly taking place within us. This journey is personal. It's about everything that you were, that you are and that you are yet to be. It's about getting uncomfortable and getting to know the deepest, darkest parts of your soul. Facing your demons and the horror. This is the reality of spirituality. It's not an amazing stream of law of attraction, unicorns and abundance. It is being on your fucking knees with nothing, whilst still smiling and offering a helping hand to those in need. It is giving a brilliant spot on reading and knowing that the money is going to feed your family tonight. It is wondering when a home, any home is going to materialise. It is wondering why you committed to this journey, why you put it out to the universe that you were willing to undertake this journey. But that's the thing, we honestly believe we are entering a beautiful light filled journey. Why didn't all those people out there tell us about the absolute darkness? So I stand here now, telling you all that this journey of spirituality is so fucking dark and horrendously dense yet the duality of life brings a euphoria with it that beats anything you imagined. I'm letting you know that you may very well lose your job, you relationship and your home. And your loss may yet not even be complete. But the part that makes it all worthwhile is your absolute trust and faith that the universe is ensuring you discard all that is not for your highest good. I'm hear to tell you that there will be times that you are so broken into pieces, you will wonder how you have the strength to go on. And it is in those most bleak moments, when you return to source, you will recognise with absolute clarity what this is all about. You will meet people along the way who will say things to diminish who you are and you have the choice to allow them to lower your self-worth or continue rising. You will lose many of those closest to you, yet meet your soul family along the way. You will meet people who will literally make your hair stand on end, your heart jump out of your chest, who you will feel vibrating towards you before they even get to you. And in those moments you just know why you are doing this crazed, emotionally, life transforming journey. You will go on, because you have no choice but to continue. And like me right now, you may have tried to ignore the call but can no longer ignore it. Time to fly and see what else is out there. Another place is calling you. And that is the seriously scary bit. Because you don't know if it's calling you for a week, a few months or for years. But you can't ignore it anymore and the universe has given you absolute consciousness, removed everything so that you can spread your new found wings, follow your heart and soar. You have been taken apart, you have fallen to the ground and now it is time to build yourself up and shine the way we know you were always destined to do! It is time to take this spiritual adventure to the next level. 

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