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The Journey Home

Journey of the Heart - Rosella Creations Mandala Cards. Grace Like a Wave - in love with being in love Rose Quartz - Self-love, love myself from the inside out. New Jade - total break from destructive people no patterns of behaviour. Kuan Yin - Goddess of compassion

This is the energy I'm working with today and going within to ask why is this journey so emotional for me and why have I been tested from and through my heart?

So as one of my longest friends can testify to, at 18 years old all I ever wanted was to fall in love and get married. That was my absolute and total dream.

20 years on I am now able to look and think, how on earth could that have happened when I am still learning to love myself!

I did not imagine that at 38 I would be going through such an emotional, life-shifting journey of deep healing and spiritual growth.

Over the years through a lack of love for self, low self-worth, as well as external circumstances such as abuse, I became emotionally void. It was easy to mask even the most soul destroying situations with a smile and roaring laughter than to cry and actually sit and feel waves of sadness, acknowledge them in order to re