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We've had to dig deep to get this far. So much to lose. So much to let go of.

At times it feels really cold juxtaposed with the humidity that is incredibly stifling.

We are here often, just waiting to discover what our next step should be. Is there even a direction? Or do we just let the waves sweep us away, carrying us with the currents, the tides, to a new shore. A new day. A new life. The only constant in all of this, is that this is the right path, if we can even place such a determination on it.

This is true and this is happening now. A total surrender into what will be. No more running away. Just breathing into it all. Taking in the air, the surrounding space as if it was star dust. Breathing and allowing the glitter infused droplets to enter our lungs. Flow through our veins.

Freely. Because truly that is what we seek. The freedom to do as we please. To imagine the impossible. To bring reality to the surrealism that lives within.

Taking pleasure from the dew drops on clover, dandelion wishes whispering away, toadstools providing refuge to fluttering fairies.

In these moments of freedom we connect. Pores wide open to feel the universe enter. Expanding us from within. Infusing us with so much light, that all we can do is float to the consciousness that awaits.

Image credit: Francesca Loveartist

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