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Satya: My Belief, My Essence, My Truth

I was guided to call on Babaji today. The energy was immense! There was so much pressure in my head that I felt it had the potential to explode. I had felt stagnant in my journey for a while and was in need of clarity as to why I was unclear in my direction. Babaji delivered the word SATYA to me. I am not that familiar with Sanskrit but in the spiritual world it is a word you see often. Satya means truthful. Not just as in telling the truth and not lying. So much deeper than that. I am looking at what is my truth? Am I living my truth? How does my truth create my life and the experiences it brings? What is the true essence of my being? Satya. I have absolute faith in my journey. I will not allow doubt to set in or outside influences to distract me. How I do things and how my thought process works may be different and even incomprehensible to others. This is fine. This is my journey as they have their own.

Satya. If I don't have integrity, I should not be doing healing work on people. Integrity is knowing that I may not be the right person or healer for the client and referring them on to someone who is right for them. Integrity is being true to and respecting the modality that I am working in. Integrity is not thinking I can do something just because I saw someone else do it. Did I put the time and study in? Do I fully understand on a deeper context the purpose of the work? If it was meant for me it would have been channeled to me. Integrity is not appropriating the rituals of the ancients, the indigenous populations across the world before I have fully assimilated and integrated the purpose of what they do. Integrity is recognising when something is a Sacred Ritual, especially when other people are involved. If I was to come from an unauthentic place and a lack of integrity it could be harmful especially if I was to do so with such ignorance that other people get caught up in what would be, quite frankly, my own ego trip.

Satya. Be mindful of what I do, of what I practice, of who I allow to work with or on me. What are my intentions? Am I well emotionally and physically? Am I cleansing and clearing my own energy as well as that of others sufficiently? Is the person who is preparing or making the products I use or buy holding a sacred space of love when they make it? What are their intentions? Satya. If I don't have the knowledge, if spirit hasn't shown me that it is innate within me, then it is not mine to share. Reading it in a book is not enough. Going to a course or a workshop is not enough. It has to be innate. It has to be running through my DNA, my blood, my veins. I will know if it's innate. I will know if it's my gift or misapp