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Owning My Words

I'm reclaiming back the words WANT and NEED. I've spent a good few years substituting it for 'better' words, more 'high vibrational' words. Words that I truly don't feel. Words that don't resonate with the core of my being. As I was drawing the beautiful Sri Yantra the other day, that's when it came to me. In order to manifest, I need to not only be passionate about what it is I want to bring in to my reality but also the words I use when manifesting. According to the Oxford Dictionary the verb WANT means 'have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.' The definition of NEED is 'Require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable.' The thing is, we are all so different. Our modes of language are so varied. We have to take into account our acquired language from birth and the influence this has on how we speak and what words we use. Words of linguistic taboo for one person is another person's normal. For example, when I have just been there saying things like 'I desire to manifest this in to my life blah blah blah' or words of a similar nature, my manifestation rate is low. Why? Because there is something missing from it. Me! My essence. My passion. My truth. But at those times when I am on my knees, crying even, and shouting out at the universe 'for f***s sake give me a break! I need this right now!' That's when I see the real magic happen. Now I'm not saying that you have to go out there and scream and wail and swear and demand wants and needs at the universe, but I am saying that you have to be real to you. There is so much out there with regards to the spiritual journey and often it is written like it is laws of the land. Things like don't use the word want when manifesting, think positive and you'll always be positive, your crystals should make you feel a certain way, only listen to high vibrational music and I could go on and on! Who makes up these lists or 'rules and regulations'? You have to do what feels good and real for you and what is true to your being, to your soul. Guidance is great but discovering your own path is greater! 

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