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She's the kind of dark...

La Bruja She often resides in the darkness. Surprisingly, she feels a warmth there. A bewildering power even. But she likes it. She enjoys her shadows coming out to play. She's the kind of dark whose eyes glow with mirth, as the shadows part, revealing the dirt in her mind. Yes she's that kind of dark and it's kept well hidden, but there's a chosen few who will get the chance to listen. She's the kind of dark that scoops the blood from her womb and smears it at your door. Finishing it off with a sprinkling of crushed crystals. She's the kind of dark that will throw her head back and roar with laughter when she sees you curled up with the pain you sent to her. She's the kind of dark that smokes cigarettes and drinks rum straight out of the bottle, just to impress the boys. Ready to have it wiped off her chin and her lips licked clean by a strangers tongue. She's the kind of dark that will drop to her knees, her eyes consumed with smouldering lust. She tastes, to test if you are worthy. She's the kind of dark that will consume you with a fiery passion and a feeling of satisfaction. Then will walk away, leaving you perplexed as to why she has left. She's the kind of dark that bores easily. She holds no space for the mediocre and mundane, for the weak and the excuses. Her dark will cut you out. She's the kind of dark that will make love to you whilst calling back her power. Ensuring that you feel the greatest ecstasy yet never taking what belongs to her. She's the kind of dark that explodes and makes you face the truths that you hide from. But only so if she feels you are worthy. For those not worth her voice, she sits, watching you drown in your self-destruction. She's the kind of dark that will allow you to chip away at her. She will let you hold on to her fragments, just for a while and then she calls them back. Every last little piece that is hers, she will ensure that you feel her fragments leave you. She's the kind of dark that cusses and curses. Sending shock waves reverberating with terrible words. She's learning to embrace her dark. Realising that her dark is what makes her star shine so bright. She is accepting her dark, not wanting to hide it any longer from herself, no longer burying it as if it does not exist. Her dark gives depth to her radiant aura. Her dark is her essence and she stands knowing how deliciously glorious it is to be she. La Bruja ©Sonya Robertson 2017 

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