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Into the 5D

Well! What a sod of a year this one has been! Fantastic yet frantic. Cosy yet crazy. Sensual yet stressful. You get the picture, every polarity you can imagine, often shifting between extremes within hours. Then with a quiet little thud, September hit and we all scurried away to our hiding places thinking 'What the funk is going on dude? Some big ish is on the way!' And we hid. It was all about the down low. Guides and guardians disappeared. Gifts and connection felt as if they had gone into retreat and we were just here wondering if it was all in fact a dream and we were just meant to go and live a Muggles life again? NOOOOOOO! Please don't let me have to do society's version of normal again! But the the portals started activating. 10/10, 11/11 and then whoosh it all made sense! 5D baby! The much anticipated 5D came in and wow! The feeling. The joy. The tears that rolled down my face when it hit me. I wasn't meditating or doing anything spiritual. I'd just done the school run and had stepped into the park to wait for Consultant so we could have coffee and relish a few child-free hours. I was listening to the great Diana Ross when the feeling of unconditional love, bliss, Christ Consciousness, the great I AM literally came in and consumed me, flooded every cell of my being and I broke down because I had never felt something so beautiful, so magical, so abundant in my life. In that little, unexpected moment it all made sense. Why I was here, the reasons behind everything that had happened over the past few years, and also that nothing actually matters apart from the present moment at any given time. I'm not about to be transported in to cuckoo land way above the clouds (unless I'm astral travelling 😂). I'm here in this crazy arse 3D world. And I know that this beautiful 5d consciousness, that I now am able to resonate with and feel flowing within me, is for me to anchor down into this 3d grid and hold space with so much love for humanity. No more playing small Lightworkers, it's time to SHINE YOUR LIGHT! 2018 IS WAITING FOR YOUR MAGIC!  

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