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My Root Chakra Crystal for 2018

#crystalandchakrachallenge - Day 1 What is my Root Chakra crystal and why? How do I connect and work with its energy? The Root Chakra crystal I have chosen is Tigers Eye. I feel that this crystal has called to me as it will give me the focus I need to stay on track and complete my tasks, in business and in every day life. I feel this crystal will help me be more mindful with financial matters and bring through the energy needed to manifest my new business ideas into reality. Tigers Eye will encourage me to focus on me and my needs, rather than being manipulated into the drama and commotion of others and those not interested in changing their story. I connect with Tigers Eye by wearing it as a pendant around my neck. This enables me to have the energy close to me at all times through the day. It I feel I need to draw strength from it, I hold onto the stone, close my eyes and breathe. I can do this in times when I need to feel more grounded or if I feel worry or anxiety setting in as the energy of Tigers Eye infuses me with courage and a deep inner strength. 

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