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Day 14: Crystal and Chakra Challenge

What word do you associate with the colour BLUE? How can you use this word to connect with and express your truth fearlessly? SEA There's a sea of emotions that flow through me. That yearned to be expressed. And I'm getting there but still hold on to fear. In a sense it's like I've been trying to control this sea, but bubbling away under the surface a tsunami has been brewing. It's hit the shores, has caused chaos and destruction. It's taken out everything it touches and has now retreated. It leaves behind a massive clean up operation that takes a few years to get everything back to normal. In fact on the ground things have been restructured, rebuilt, replenished. There's only a few more bits to add in or finish off and the town will be ready. Kind of back to its old self yet not at all. Bright and shiny new, yet whispers and memories of what was lost along the way bare remembrance of the power this mass cleansing of the sea holds. A clearer more wiser perspective is held. More thought has been placed on the foundation and the construction now serves a greater purpose. To ensure survival. There will not be such losses forced upon us again. 

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