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If I could capture this moment and bottle it I so would. To remember it forever. It's not just where we are, it the feeling, the sense of inner peace, that makes me realise that it's all ok. The world truly is my oyster and this is the beginning of what I've been dreaming of. Che plays in the park, the breeze blows through my hair and I feel the warmth of the sun's rays on the back of my neck. The river actually smells and sounds like the sea, the tide is out and the river bed is exposed. I hear the waves lapping gently. I feel them, within me. They're rippling out from my core and through my pores. Waves of bliss as my vibration rises. It's taken a good while to get here. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. What I do know, is in this moment, it feels right, it feels good and I am fully present in it.


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