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Rose Quartz

Sometimes its not meant to be forever. Friendships, family, jobs, acquaintances. Sometimes we are only meant to cross paths to bring or receive a lesson. Or to align ourselves or someone else with our prospective soul family.

Sometimes we are meant to experience that amazing whirlwind romance just to show us that we can love and trust and good things do happen.

Sometimes we are called to step away because either we have healing and growing to do, or the other person does. Or simply, there is no more lessons to learn.

The biggest and most profound growth often happens when we are alone, when we feel we are isolated.

All of those feelings of hurt, loss and betrayal, there is something so much greater in them than the belief that someone else caused them. You have your true self to rediscover through all the sticky emotional mess you are burying yourself in.

Leap up from the depths, take a deep breath and dive back in, but deeper this time round. Clearing all the debris to the surface, facing it head of and decided what needs to go and what you are bringing along for the long haul. And in doing so, you will get to the Heart of who you truly are.

©The Sage Son

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