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New Moon in Leo Reading

You know when your kids have Golden Time at school for being good, (I don't remember that shit from when I was young! 😂) well thats the energy that coming in! You have been so good baby! In fact, you have been divine! You have done the damn work and yes there are still areas that need tweaking and flushing and clearing, but my goodness you have worked you butt off! And this is what this energy is all about. The omg eclipse season is killing me line is only coming up for those who had not realised that for the majority, the whole of 2018 so far has been a MISSION 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ So yes, you may be slapped in the face big time by eclipse season. If you've been on your game, maintaining your practice, clearing all the ancestral crap whilst whining up with the Kundalini then you are in for some good times! 💃🕺🏿💃🕺🏿💃🕺🏿 A few things to take note of during this transformative lunar cycle... Do you truly believe in how powerful you are? If not get to work on that Solar Plexus. Honey Calcite is the crystal that will guide you in how to melt your receiving blocks along with acknowledging that you are the Master of your reality. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS! There will be an influx of distractions coming in. These are the tests from the universe. You're going to be aligning with your dreams, desires, the LOVE of your life and the universe is going to be testing you to see if you really want it! Cue the exes walking in! It's up to you whether you give the arses centre stage and believe the crap or if you go for that something different who will actually make your heart soar and fill you up! Work with Goddess Diana's energy to keep your eye on the ball. Lastly, enjoy. Even in the dark moments, find something to enjoy, even if it's just the cold side of the pillow! 🤷‍♀️ Love and amazing rays of golden light being sent to each and every one of you! Sonya 💛💛💛 

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