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December - Clinozoisite

As we approach the end of the year the call to break free from anything that has bound you up to this point comes through stronger than ever. And I guess in a sense this is a normal feeling for many. Another year has passed and as the nights draw in, we enter a period of reflection. What have we accomplished? What changes have we made? Have we stuck to the plan we set at the beginning of the year or was it all a load of hot air? Clinozoisite settles into your HRIT CHAKRA. An much unknown Chakra settled in between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakras. It's known as the wish fulfilling centre. Clinozoisite will guide you to do the work needed to fully shift into the Heart centre, so that it is all no longer a dream or simply words without meaning. It will guide you to a place of strength needed to end that relationship, leave that job, save towards the dream house, set boundaries with the kids. It will guide you to know that what you wish for is truly yours, providing you are willing to put in the work and ride the waves to achieve. Hey, you may even have a few Phoenix moments along the way but you'll understand that the crumbling has to happen in order to create the dream, the life lived with purpose the strong foundation needed to live your version of bliss. It's all entirely up to you. Continue into 2019 in the same manner as always, bemoaning your fate, or take the reins of that great chariot, get moving even if you are unsure of the direction you are going in, but at least you know that you are the director this time round, and not just settling with life dictating to you!

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