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End of Year Message

For many, 2018 will be looked back as a year that you discovered how strong you truly are. It will be seen as the year that no matter how insurmountable you thought the trials, pain or losses were, there was a bravery in your every thought, word and deed that has lead you to where you are today. You are still standing through adversity. You are more courageous than you knew possible and it is these qualities, that may have previously been hidden that you are now taking with you into 2019. I ask for you all that any obstacles are swept away on your journey to love. I ask for you all that your energy field is cleansed as you step into each day knowing it is always a new beginning. I ask that as you make your plans and step forward with your dreams and desires, that they are grounded with a solid foundation and a determination that will materialise into your reality. I thank you all so much for your love and support of me and my journey this year and the light work I do. Sending love and golden light to you all today and always. Sonya Sage 💛

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