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New Moon in Gemini

Crystal Grid Reading 🌟 Smoky Quartz 🌟 Rose Quartz 🌟 Elite Shungite 🌟 Sarsen Stone I AM my own Soulmate. Say it again. I AM my own Soulmate. How powerful does it feel to know that all along, all that is divine, all that is sacred was always within you. All the time you spent searching for magic outside of yourself when it was you, yes you that held the key. And so the heart expansion begins. Bringing in states of abundant overflow that pours like sacred golden nectar to the cups outside of your soul. An elixir that brings life, love, pleasure, joy, grace. And its down to you as always to make sure your own cups are in balance. To reconcile any differences and recognise that you are totally worthy of receiving it all. Lay your burdens to rest on the stones, Bury it in the Earth. Open your mind, your heart your soul, to the Stargate that brings in all possibilities, synchronicties and alignment to your highest timeline of love. And so it is. 

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