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About Crystals

Crystals are formed through a mixture of minerals that form under the Earth’s crust with a combination of gases, hot molten rock and water. It can take thousands of years for crystals to form. With this in mind they are a perfect indicator of telling the story of the Earth and how it has evolved over the centuries. Looking at the atomic structure of crystals, we are able to see that the atoms and ions are arranged in an orderly manner, making crystals the most perfect form of matter in the universe.


Crystals have been used by humans and can be dated back to the Ice Age. It is believed that Quartz was used to create heat. More recently, Quartz has been used to produce power to watches.


Different civilisations across the globe and throughout history have used crystals as part of their daily lives. The Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli stones in their jewellery and also crushed and made into a paste for their make-up. The Mayans made blades out of Black Obsidian, a volcanic glass formed from lava which has rapidly cooled down. These are believed to have been used in crafting and for ceremonial processes amongst other things.


The Law of Resonance is similar to the Law of Attraction. It works on the belief that you will attract into your life and energy field, that which resonates with the vibrational frequency you are projecting. If you are to combine orderly matter of crystals with an area within your life that is in disarray, the perfect form of the crystal will vibrate to bring order and alignment to the given area. I think of crystals similar to having a prescription. Sometimes the prescription is needed for only a few weeks, at other times it is ongoing and over a period of years. I think of crystals as working in the same way. Your core crystal may be something that you always have with you for protection or to lift your mood. On the other hand you may need a crystal for a few weeks to help you with motivation or for a specific purpose. I have found that when I do not need a crystal or it is time for a new one, the crystal I have been working with disappears! And then as if by magic, it  will then come back to me at the time I most need it!

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