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Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing

In April 2015 I qualified as a Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing Practitioner. I have the gifts of Claircogniziance and Clairsentient and use these to guide me as I work intuitively to connect with the subtle energy body.

I took a break from Energy Healing work in 2017 to focus on my own spiritual journey which brought home to me that energy is everything and everywhere and can affect us all in different ways, both positively and negatively. During this time I developed my own personal practice, recognising that it is commitment and consistency to the self that creates change within our lives. This also assists with us vibrating at a higher level along with becoming a master manifestor and co-creator with the universe. This is the energy I bring to my work and clients in all the modalities I use and work with. The knowing that change comes from within.

In December 2017 I wrote a feature piece for Spirit and Destiny magazine titled, 'Discover your Hidden Chakras'. Since then I have been developing this work further, increasing my knowledge and expanding my awareness that with the planetary shifts in vibration that are occurring, so to do our own energetic bodies work to shift into alignment with a higher vibrational timeline. Energy Work such as Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing can be beneficial for assimilating and integrating new frequencies of light along with bringing in much needed balance in the hectic 3d world we are residing in.


Everything in the universe vibrates to its own frequency. It is through these vibrations that we are able to find resonance in what surrounds us. 


Crystals are the most orderly matter in the universe and are able to bring chaotic energies back into balance.


When choosing a crystal, it is likely that our own vibration resonates with the vibrational properties of the crystal, bringing balance to emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. 


Crystal Healing can benefit us in many ways, but ultimately it is our responsibility to work on our own personal healing.


A Crystal Healing treatment will help you focus on what steps you wish to take to bring balance into your life or the areas in need of attention.

Benefits of crystal healing may include:

Assisting the client with focusing on a sense of calm and tranquillity and in turn; Alleviating feelings of anxiety and stress;

Increasing levels of concentration, energy and vitality.

Feeling more present and not worrying about the past or future


Subtle benefits may include:

Chakra Energy feeling more balanced and in flow

A feeling of inner peace and deep emotional healing

A desire to connect with the higher self and seek spiritual self-discovery

Chakra Balance and Crystal Healing Consultations are currently taking place in East London.


To find out more about what packages are available and to book, please click here.

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