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777 Portal Auraspray


A beautiful infusion of:

  • Water from the White Spring in Glastonbury
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Neroli Essential Oil
  • Charged with Fluorite Octahedron crystals and Amethyst in the sun on the 777 Portal.


This spray brings through a very different frequency to my other Aurasprays. It comes through with a calling for deep, deep grounding. An anchoring of the Soul Star Chakra and Higher Chakras to the Earth Star and Gaia Gateway.


The energy may be felt traveling down from above the crown to the feet or below and a sense of stillness will settle. The stillness may feel so strong that you may not be able to move your feet for a moment or two! This is the reminder that stillness is needed for us to be able to integrate the immense upgrades that have taken place over the past few months. 


As you consciously choose to take time to be still, how are you guided to tune into all of your bodies? Where are you feeling density in the physical, mental or emotional bodies? Is there a calling for more consistency and commitment to your daily practice in order to expand you spiritual body?


For those who have worked with me and had 121 sessions, I've been shown that this frequency is Sonya in a bottle! :-) That sense of just wnting to stay in the one place and feeling calm and grounded is a little more of what the 777 Portal Auraspray brings to you!


Use 3 sprays over the aura daily until the Lionsgate Portal closes around 12/08/23 and then as and when required.


Very limited availability!!


Not for use in pregnancy and up to 5 months post partum.

777 Portal Auraspray

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