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Carnelian Palmstone from Madagascar

When I work with Carnelian, it's like I'm returning back to source. I'm finding my way back home, to the essence of my being.

It is like a journey back to my cauldron where all the magic begins. I arrive back at my womb. Its where I create from. It's where I heal from. It's where I had taken myself away from, in a self imposed exodus. It's where I now arrive back to again recognising that I had to discover how worthy I was for me. Nobody else, just me.

Carnelian won't allow me a little flicker of a flame. It urges me to glow bright with a flame that licks and warms all it touches. At times scalding the fingertips of anything not quite in alignment with where I am journeying to.

Carnelian brings me the courage and fortitude to trust and believe in me, making me remember that at the very core of me is passion.

Juicy, overflowing, unbridled passion.

Carnelian Palmstone

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