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Nimbu is my signature essence, although just like us, it evolves, transforms and goes through a yearly upgrade, aligned to Aries energy. Nimbu is created as a Solar Spray, embodying the powerful plasma lightcodes incoming from the Central Sun.


This year (2024) Nimbu has been created as the Sun entered Aries. It is composed of:

  • Waters from the Chalice Well and White Spring in Glastonbury
  • Orange essential oil is the top note
  • Palma Rosa brings through the heart of the essence
  • Cedarwood is the grounding note
  • Charged with a Carnelian Egg


Nimbu Has been created as an honouring. Nimbu is the powerful healer who is masterful in her emotions. She is The Guide, The Leader, The Goddess.


To be used daily over 4 weeks, sprayed around the auric field, and then as and when required.


Nimbu brings through a reclamation of your true essence whilst bringing through a realignment of the emotional body. It's like biting into an orange and feeling yourself come alive, as the juice trickles from the corner of your lips.


It's the feeling of the beat in your heart aligning with the sacredness of your womb and allowing your sensual truth to spill over, to dance, to feel alive, to be free.


It's created to allow unprocessed emotions to come to the surface so that the wall of separation that is held in the Sacral Chakra can be dissolved and ascend to heal emotional hurt and assist with overcoming lower vibration emotions that are causing nervous tension and prevent you from moving into alignment to a live a full and more pleasurable life.


Nimbu will also work on a deeper level to dismantle the suppression of feminine energy that has been carried through the blood line for centuries, to bring through greater courage, confidence and creativity.


Nimbu will assist with shifting sluggish energy whilst bringing through a purification at a soul level, to align you with the remembrance of your highest purpose, sensuality, love and your most sacred feminine energy.


Trust and have faith in the journey and enjoy life!


This aura sprays is not for use in pregnancy or in the first 3 months post partum.

Nimbu Auraspray ~ Sun in Aries

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