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Thursday 4th May at 7pm BST on Zoom. Each session lasts for approx 90 minutes.


DNA Activations! Yes, it's most certainly one of the popular phrases on the spiritual circuit, but what does it mean? Is it really as simple as higher frequencies coming to Earth as Light Codes and activating our DNA? Are you wondering what are light codes? What does any of it even mean?


Well, if you've worked with me over the past few years, you know that I won't sugar coat and I WILL go into in depth detail to ensure you gain a greater understanding of what the DNA Activations are and all the spiritual terminology that goes with it all!


This isn't just a one off session because the DNA Activations are complex and MANY. It's not just one blanket activation that everyone will get and that's the end of it.


We will be finishing off our exploration of the Sacrum activation on Thursday 4th May, in preparation to the 5/5 Portal.


The 5/5 Portal will be a year to the day that I received much of the data relating to the DNA Activation of the Sacrum and the centre of gravity and how it relates to the universe being able to read our frequency, along with us being more greatly attuned to the biorhytms of the Earth.


This session will focus on preparing the subtle energy body through meditation and our connection to the crystal kingdom for the potential switching on of this activation which is now occuring on a planetary level.


The session will also take into consideration that as it stands, the 5/5 Portal is looking like the most powerful day of the year, consisting of:

it being a portal day

Full Moon in Scorpio (western astrology)

Release of the annual global blueprints from the Earth's Crown Chakra (Mount Kailash)

Penumbral Eclipse


The DNA Masterclasses will run once a month via Zoom throughout 2023 and 2024 and are open for all to attend, wherever in the world you are and whatever stage you are on in your journey.


If you have taken the Lunar Level Up Programme or Cerebellum Sessions with me then these DNA Masterclasses are vital for the next step of progression on your ascension journey.


Please ensure that you enter the correct email address when booking to ensure that you receive your Zoom link.


Also available to purchase is the recording of the 4/4 Portal Sacrum Part 3 Masterclass which focuses on an intuitive exercise to understand our true baseline frequency.

The DNA Masterclass - 5/5 Portal

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