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New Moon in Aries Reading

The New Moon in Aries brings about a life transforming energy, swathed in the fire needed to bring about the changes that you have been wanting to make. Aries energy tends to be impulsive and flighty. The key this month for setting intentions that are able to manifest into reality is to stay grounded and keep focused. Having faith and trust in the universe and maintaining self-belief that you are the creator of your own magical life further provides the ingredients needed to create our best life, heaven here on Earth!

The crystal grid has been created on the Flower of Life. I feel that this piece of Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of the universe and thus provides the foundation for you to be able to re-structure and re-design the blueprint of your choosing.

The centre of the grid holds a piece of Pink Tourmaline. This crystal resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings the energy to you that ensures that you create from your Heart Centre. It call on you to check in on yourself and evaluate aspects of your life that you want to change. Look within, not outside of yourself and be honest with what patterns and self-imposed limitations need to be released.

Surrounding the Pink Tourmaline are chunks of Honey Calcite. This energy resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, warming it up and ensuring that you step into your power and face fear head on. If you wish to access the abundant life you dream of, you really do need to believe in yourself and blaze a trail through your fears.

Shiva Lingham radiates out from the centre and calls on you to bring balance to all areas of your life. It requires you to question what is in your life and if it is working. Think of this a spiritual and emotional MOT. What drives you? What are your passions? Is the way you give and receive in balance? How are you tapping into your sexual energy as a powerful tool of manifestation? Who are you sharing your energy with and do they bring fulfilment or do they drain you? 

Laboradite is placed on the lower half of the grid. The energy of the stone reassures you that you are able to manifest the magical here on earth, but firstly you need to bring yourself into alignment with your desires. Where is your focus? Is it scattered? Who and what is distracting you? All of these things can have an affect with how and what we manifest into our lives.

Carnelian runs along the outside of the grid from middle to the bottom. It brings with it the Aries fire energy, urging you to have the courage and confidence to create. It also suggests that you may have to bring your Sacral Chakra into balance,

Red Jasper towards the bottom of the grid is calling on us to get out into nature and connect with Mother Earth in order to stay grounded and bring much needed emotional balance. This crystal will also guide you to solidify your intentions with a strong foundation.

Smoky Quartz is placed at the bottom of the crystal grid to bring in grounding. It will encourage you to release fear and worry whilst welcoming the mindset that everyday is a new beginning and to start a practice of gratitude and express your thanks for what you already have in your lives.

Green Aventurine is placed at the edges of the centre of the grid. It brings in the energy of spring and new beginnings. Take the opportunity to know that luck is on your side and that any new ideas you have will be successful. Plan and put in the work needed, even if they are just small action steps every week.

Rose Quartz has been placed in the upper part of the grid and its message is simple. Allow love to flow into your life and give love equally so.

Sodalite and Tanzanite are also in the upper section of the grid. They call on you to make wise decisions. If you feel unsure then sleep on it and make the decision with a clear head the next day. Take quiet time when needed, be firm with anything or anyone who you feel is pressuring you to make a decision and trust your intuition always. It's your inner compass!

At the top of the crystal grid is the magical cleansing energy of Apophylite. Use this energy to trust and believe in the power of the universe. Set your intentions and them let them go, knowing that if you are in alignment, the universe will deliver them at the most perfect time and when it is for the highest good for all involved. Sometimes you do not recognise that you are not on the right path. When this happens obstacles may seem never ending. This is often the way of the universe to re-align you with the right path. Trust in the lessons it brings.

Connecting the upper and lower bodies of the grid is Clear Quartz, amplifying the energy of the grid and ensuring that we keep a positive mindset, as what is within us is often reflected back at us.

Have fun setting your intentions this lunar cycle and dream big!



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