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New Moon in Scorpio

Crystal Grid

Spirit Quartz



Golden Healer

Clear Quartz

The theme that comes through this grid is... Are you the sting in your own 'tale'? The ways you can self-sabotage are often simple. You have an idea, but can't be bothered to take action. You have a constant stream of Intuitive downloads, then do nothing to materialise them. You worry, Say they laugh? Say they think I'm crazy? Say they do it better? And it doesn't serve any purpose, apart from to keep you small, stuck and stagnant. The crystal grid brings the message of oneness in yourself and your connection to others. It guides you to take action on your Intuitive hunches and trust them. You are to re-ignite your passion, your courage and confidence through connection to others. If you're alone or the people around you create chaos in your life, then take the steps to find your people. The people who are vibrating on your frequency. After all, when two or more hearts come together, the