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New Moon in Aries Reading

Crystal Grid for the New Moon in Aries

Baryte and Vanadinite

Red Jasper


As spring rushes in you begin to raise from your winter slumber and jump into action. Or at least that is what the New Moon in Aries is calling you to do!

You are being guided to trust in the foundation you have taken the time to strengthen over the winter months. Trust that it is solid and have faith that it will lead you in the right direction. Right now you have everything you need to carry you forward. It may not feel like it but believe that it is enough for the next few steps. Once the universe sees that you are taking action, it will open up the pathway wider and you will see and feel the way ahead with greater clarity.

Throughout this lunar cycle you will experience a greater awareness of your connection to all around you, along with being shown which aspects of your life are calling for more balance. This Aries New Moon is not bounding about with child like abandon. It feels as if it holds a wiser head, yet still carries with it the determination and willpower to achieve what others may deem to be impossible.

Baryte and Vanadinite is at the centre of the grid. It brings through a quest to make magic happen by implementing new ways of being. It's vibration will assist with the recalibration that is currently taking place in various or all areas of your life, while flushing out the remnants of what has been released. This crystal will bring you into alignment with your soul path and all that inspires you and fires up your passion. It will push you to take the action steps needed to co-create with the universe and build the life that your soul is calling for.

There may be an element of the 'come-back queen' throughout this cycle. Red Jasper will bring through an unrivalled protective energy in these circumstances to deflect back the naysayers. It's gentle, warming vibration will course through the energetic field to provide a supple and fluid movement that will have you feeling more in flow than in recent months.

Mookaite brings through the reassurance that it is all within you. From knowledge that you acquired the other day or wisdom that is stored deep inside you from lifetimes past and your ancestral lines. If you have been lapsing in self-care, then Mookaite will nudge you to nurture yourself, ensuring that you have the energy, stamina and mental capabilities needed to carry you through to new opportunities and enlightenment.

All three of these crystals combined bring an additional message for the New Moon in Aries. They call on you to consciously think about your connection to Mother Earth and act on it. Whether that be that you need to Earth yourself and become more grounded or reflect on how responsible you are with regards to pollution, recycling or carbon emissions and these types of issues. In honouring the Earth you honour yourself. In honouring yourself you create a greater awareness of the stirrings of your soul and the waves of your heart.

Wishing you all an amazing New Moon in Aries and lunar cycle!


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