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Heart Chakra Healing

Healing of the Heart Chakra and the journey to self-love is often one of the hardest journeys we can take. In order to open ourselves up to receive and welcome in love, it often means that we have to look at ourselves beyond the surface until we reach the source of where there is a blockage. The source may be pain, doubt, low self-worth or heart break from years back. As hard as it may be, we then have to examine this point of the source, in a sense, to identify what happened and how we felt at the time.

Often we just build layers of resistance to the hurt we suffer. But sometimes, an opening happens and we get the chance to revisit it, lift it to the surface for a final release. The longer we leave things buried, the more likely we are to attract what we don't really want into our lives, or we may follow a regular pattern of self sabotaging behaviour.

By facing our block/trauma and focusing on healing and forgiving ourselves, we energetically create space for new to enter.

With an open heart we are more vulnerable, but this vulnerability also ensures that we get to experience love and everything that comes with it. The joy, the laughter and the tears. How great it is to experience all these feelings and emotions that we had previously denied ourselves!

Living in the present moment, and not worrying about the past or the future also helps keep us grounded and enjoying each moment as they come.

Rose Quartz is often my first go-to crystals for focusing on self-love and self-forgiveness. It is gentle yet has an focussed approach whilst also being a comfort to draw upon in day-to day use.

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