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Solar Eclipse in Aries

The Solar Eclipse in Aries begins at approximately 7:52pm (BST) on Monday 8th April.

My personal view on eclipses is that they are powerful portals that aim to align us with our next highest timeline. We are multi-dimensional beings with infinite potential, so therefore we will always have the possibility to expand into greater resonance and awareness of self. Over the years I have found that when I have connected and created with eclipse energy, including gazing at Solar Eclipses when we have been fortunate enough to witness them in the UK, there has been an incredible acceleration in my spiritual development and consequently on my external and physical world.

I believe that Eclipse seasons run beyond the 2 week portals that we tend to place them under. I feel that they can align us with a story that takes place over 18 months. To really understand how the energy of each eclipse is shaping us and the world we inhabit, we need to go back to the past to recall what messages we were given for the future.

More or less 18 months ago, we had a Solar Eclipse take place on 25th October 2022. A couple days prior, I had meditated on what the Solar Flash is actually about and I am being guided to share my journalings on this as my message for the Solar Eclipse we are about to encounter today.

On the day of the October eclipse, I sat on my front doorstep receiving light codes and integrating the message I had received a few days prior. I was shown that what is assumed to be a Solar Flash is not really how we perceive it to be, something magnificent and beautiful coming direct from source. Rather it is a radiation wave. Now this is in part due to solar activity, but also relates to whatever 'testing' governing structures and corporations keep attempting to do, from deep within the Earth to reach the cosmos. Something to bear in mind is that in 2022, the last time there was lots of information circulating on social media about CERN, it was also the year that Europe, including the UK had its hottest ever summer on record. The Solar Flash narrative is not as pretty nor as mystical as we, in the spiritual community, have convinced ourselves it will be. Rather, there will at some point in time (whether in our own or a later lifetime), be a solar event that will either be created or collide with something that is being artificially conducted beneath Earth's surface and cause a radiation wave. I was not given a clear timeline of this, but had been shown that what may or may not occur depends on how fucked up humanity acts in the years 2023-24.

Humanity unveiled the truth of its colonial ambition to all who had been blind to it in October 2023. In what is the most sacred lands for the Earth's ascension to 5d, multi-dimensional and Krysted Consciousness, the stewards of the lands of the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt), situated at Earth's Throat Chakra, were shown to be the visual and physical embodiment of the 1d memory storage body. That which holds abuse, trauma, shock and devastation.

In the channellings I received in October 2022, I was shown that over the coming 12-24 months the most important focus for the human collective was to connect with and heal the bloodline from this lifetime which we had been born into. I feel it can be an unintentional spiritual bypassing to focus on our past lives and bloodlines, heritage and civilizations which bear no resonance with what we have come to Earth with in this lifetime. The healing of all bloodlines needs to occur to be able to truly birth New Earth and a higher timeline and frequency that will lead us out of the abuse, trauma, shock and devastation (all words used when we describe war and atrocities done to humans and the land), the subsequent Walls of Separation that imprint on the human and collective psyche, holding core woundings that ultimately affect our actions, behaviour, connections and the way we think, treat and respond to all areas of our lives and each other. We were given a call to connect more deeply with family, especially if bonds had fractured or if distance had been created.

At this time, bloodline connections are vital. The healing of our bloodline brings through human DNA and lightbody activation, key components for the birthing of the New Earth timeline through the return to our original 12 strand template. The Walls of Separation caused by intense collective trauma in different shapes and forms, (transatlantic trafficking of enslaved Africans, decimation of sacred lands and indigenous communities world wide, persecution of witches and medicine men and women, genocide, war, displacement and so much more), carried out by colonial entities over the past 500+ years is where we are first being called to place our focus on, in order to restore the higher functioning DNA that has been lost for over 10,000 years. We are guided into remembrance, that our DNA and every aspect of our being has the ability to hold the components of the 4 elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and recognise that as we distort these aspects in our environment, it will likely be reflected back to us in our bodies and wellbeing.

Ultimately, it is time to rewrite human history and we are being actively shown this, live streamed via the devastation currently taking place in Gaza. Yet at Earth's Throat Chakra, where we are guided to be anchored in truth, occupying forces are doing their utmost to wipe out entire bloodlines. And although we are bearing witness to the most unimaginable terror, we are also being shown by those who have sewardship over these sacred lands what faith truly is. Their level of faith through such horror is unrivalled and they have so much to teach all of us who reside in the Western world.

So what does this all have to do with the sun?

The sun (acting as a filter for the Great Central Sun) provides the fire letters needed to activate our DNA with the correct and corresponding coding. The truth is nobody in this human sphere really knows anything about the sun and the effects it can have on the Earth and on human wellbeing and consciousness. The shadow that the Luna creates on the Sun during the eclipse has the potential to highlight what aspects of our shadow are preventing the light of full human embodiment to take place. We do not remember what it is to be truly human. Our current human existence uses spirituality to escape our humanity. Yet, the assault on humanity over thousands of years has disabled our ability to remember what it is to live the blissful human experience. The human DNA activations, as cosmic as they sound, are about anchoring into physical and human life. All aspects of it. The awful, gritty stuff in order to heal, whilst connecting with and grounding in the energy from cosmic planes to come into a remembrance.

What can we do today and in the upcoming weeks?

  • Tune into the DNA activation of the coccyx. In the labyrinth of your life, where is your centre?

  • Work with the powerful magenta ray to retrieve cellular memories that are blocking your unconscious harddrive.

  • Reflect and journal on how unworthiness shows up for you

  • Are you only able to identify with physical matter or cyclical thought forms? How heavily do you allow these to shape your identity? Who are you without them? (this includes what we may consider to be spirituality and concepts surrounding this. e.g. past lives / karma / star signs etc)

  • Does the above entangle you into cycles of unworthiness?

  • Listen to the following Solar Eclipse transmissions and meditations: Activations by JJ Pleiadian Music Chantress Seba

  • Crystals to assist with integrating the Solar Eclipse energy: Rainbow Jasper, Polychrome Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz crystals, Ruby Hexagons

  • Rest! It is a decolonial act to rest, be still and not feel required to have the answers or take action. We often continue to work and be on the go even when we are not feeling great. This leads to unnecessary burn out and extended recuperation periods. Allow yourself to rest just because you have the freedom to do as you choose and you recognise that to be the greatest version of yourself, stillness is needed to integrate as you ease into embodiment. You recognising and gifting yourself with rest ensures that you are then able to assist and help those in need at a more expansive and capable level.

Wishing you all the brightest blissings!

Sonya Sage



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