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February 2023 Energy Update

Greetings to you all!

We are at a point in the ascension process where the frequency of the Earth is shifting to a higher resonance whether or not the human collective is on board with this process. This has accelerated over the past 3 years.

When we speak of ascension, it is quite like that we are only taking into account ourselves, the humans inhabiting this planet. Yet, is it likely that we are just a byproduct, or even, on the other hand, an inhibitor of the ascension process taking place?

Earth needs to rise in frequency to ensure that the universe that it is a part of can also rise. The ascension process is so much more than our own human existence.

As we align ourselves to higher levels of consciousness, this assists the Planetary shifts taking place. Equally, Earth's rise in frequency can create greater vibrational alignment for the human collective.

In this video, I share my thoughts on the current energy, especially in relation to what is taking place on the Earth with regards to the Earthquakes.

I briefly cover:

  • Planetary and Collective DNA Activations

  • Planetary Throat Chakra

  • The Lilac Ray

  • Archangel Tzaphakiel

  • The Moon

To find out more about DNA Activations, click here and join my monthly Masterclass. Recordings from previous sessions are also available.

Click here for Matias de Stefano's Planetary Grid map and here for more info on his Earth Activation work.



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