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Breakdown to Breakthrough

Breakdowns. We can either live in the down and despair, or we can use that lowest point to make it our breakthrough. Then there are times when we know we are due a breakdown and life, survival, whatever word we place on it puts it off. Does that make us strong? A survivor? I'm beginning to think not. All putting off the breakthrough serves to do is, make us emotionally void. It makes us feel numb, unfeeling. It shuts down our senses, our creativity, our passion, our essence and ultimately our love. Is it that we actually need the breakdown to restore our sense of direction? When we a lost in the desert of no hope and impossibility, does the breakdown a serve a greater purpose? We can become so hung up on perceived judgements of others, keeping up a facade of societal expectations that we deny ourselves the emotions that we need to face to move on. Those closest to us may tell us to 'get a grip' deeply uncomfortable with the rawness of our emotive expression, so we swallow it up and push it back down in to the crevices of our heart, our guts, our souls. Yet, if we took a moment to question why our breakdown makes those around us feel uneasy, we will discover that they too were told to 'fix up', 'stop crying', 'get over it'. So we continue to live in this world where we hide and smother our truest emotions whilst losing our truth. If we take that time to surrender to the breakdown, if we allow ourselves those moments to feel the pain, the upset and the sadness, we give ourselves the opportunity to release, to truly heal and to create space for new to enter our life. By having the breakdown, we are able to welcome the breakthrough. © Sonya Robertson 2017 

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