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Day 2: Crystal and Chakra Challenge

#crystalandchakrachallenge What word do you associate with the colour RED? How can you use this word to strengthen your foundation for the year ahead? The word that I am associating with Red at the moment is SOLID. I feel that with all decisions I make this year whether they be family related or in relation to work, I can draw on the word solid to determine whether the foundation of what is being created is sturdy and strong enough to hold through. As a family we have been through a period where our foundation, our Root has been torn apart and we really have not had any foundation or even a viable space, physically or emotionally to re-build. This has had a knock on effect in all aspects of life, from work, education and our health. Although spiritually we have grown stronger, it does feel like we now need solidity to ground our spiritual practices so that we can see the positive impact on every day life. Solid is most definitely the word that will strengthen our foundation for the year ahead!

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