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My Crystal for the Solar Plexus Chakra

What is you Solar Plexus Chakra crystal and why? How do you connect and work with its energy? SUNSTONE The magical energy of the divine masculine and the power of the Sun God provides reins down on me with abundance whilst working with Sunstone. I allow myself to soak up the golden rays of the Sun. I allow these rays to nurture me, to feed me, to bring me strength as I call my power back to where my golden jewel is waiting. Replenished with the power that is mine alone to steer my life, I relinquish all the self imposed limitations that I have placed on myself unnecessarily. I dissolve the blocks that were blocking my light. I step out from the shade, I release the fear that others have attempted to attach to me and my life, to keep me small or to keep me frail. I solidly step out into the sun, face raised, arms wide open. I am here to receive! I am here to live my life. The life I have been longing for. It is no longer a dream. I have the power to reclaim it all and make it my reality. This is the power of my Sunstone. POWER BE! #crystalandchakrachallenge  

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