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My Heart Chakra Crystal

#crystalandchakrachallenge Day 10: What is you Heart Chakra Crystal and why? How do you connect and work with its energy? MALACHITE Why? Why? Why? Is my first thoughts at this precious crystal calling out to me. It may be hard to believe but I have never personally worked with Malachite before. Which is crazy considering I've been a crystal healing practitioner for nearly 3 years and owned a crystal shop an crystals are pretty much my life! But I guess the day has come and indeed I know there is some fast work that needs to be done in this dear old Heart Chakra of mine. And who is the one to get the job done with optimum results? Of course it is Malachite who I have been shying away from. This I know is going to really get through to the depths of all the bullshit ive been carrying and it is going to do it quick time. This crystals knows what crap I've been going through and it is sick of me putting things off and not dealing with the calling of my heart head on. It is fed up with me not making space to re-align my lower Chakras which have been out of balance and I can hear it telling me that the time is now. The time has come to clear and make movement unless I want to replay 2017 all over again. So yes, Malachite, begrudgingly I am here. I am terrified. But I trust where you are taking me because I know it will be bliss on the other side. 

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