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Day 11: Crystal and Chakra Challenge

What word do you associate with the colour GREEN? How can you use this word to connect with your self and others on a deeper and more compassionate level? GROW Grow is the word that comes to me when I think of the colour Green. As nature becomes more lush and green with growth from January through to the autumn, so to do I need to look at and work on my own growth throughout the year. OK! But I'm already grown nah? 'Whatevs', I hear the universe say! So of course I have lots of growing to do. Growing into my beliefs, growing into me and my truths, growing away from all that does not resonate with my vibration, growing fully into my power. And through all this, I then grow closer to those I love. When I think about what I want to grow this year and I hold space with my heart centre, the priority is my family. And within that family is my sons and my partner, a home for us all and the space for us to live in harmony together. To be able to grow a sacred space where we can all be at peace and feel safe. I feel this growth will help me hold a space where I am able to co-create with spirit effortlessly to bring a deeper connection to myself, my family, my work and all aspects of my life. The growth is necessary and it is needed now. There is no next week, next month. I need to step into what the universe has been guiding me to and take action. 

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