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Crystal Grid for the New Moon in Pisces

As much as this New Moon energy is about manifestation new beginnings for the current lunar cycle, we are also being called to firstly make some final endings, and secondly set intentions for the next 12 months. Now those ending that need to be made call on us to go within and be honest with ourselves as to what works in our lives and what doesn't. If we really want to walk through the doors that are opening for us, can we still keep dragging the same baggage along. That baggage may not be people. (After all haven't we already done a mass cull in recent months! 🤷‍♀️) No we are being called to clear out the parts of ourselves that don't serve us any purpose. Those niggling bits of negativity and doubt that creep in, the lack of self-belief that we cannot create the life we want to live. We're being called to have a great deal of patience as we are in the transitionary period and not over do it either. The grid is laid out on the Flower of Life, symbolising returning to our original blueprint. The one that we signed up for before societal conditioning was imposed. We've been working through so many karmic lessons, it's now time to lay them to rest and get on with the work we came here to do. Smoky Quartz will bring the stability needed to both go with the full or against the tide if needs be. Orchidean Calcite will connect you with creating the life you want to live a long with bringing it into alignment with your current settings. It will make you look and take action rather than procrastinating or waiting for everything to magically appear. Laboradite will help with reprogramming the mind and wiping clear limiting mindsets. It will guide you to connect more consciously with your intuition and help you see when an distraction is in front of you. Do you go with the distraction or do you believe that the universe is giving you what you asked for or better? You're a powerful manifestor! Laboradite will make you see and believe it! Honey Calcite is letting us know that the honey is on it's way. Step into your power centre and believe in yourself. As we approach Aries season, a new lease of life will come. But it is what you make it. If you want it to be amazing it will be just that. If you put alot of doubt on it, it could pass you by. Remember it's you who hold the power of all your creations. Pink Tourmaline is calling on us to show ourselves the same compassion that we give others. It is also calling you to do an inventory of sorts. Are you holding expectations of others and feeling let down when they are not met? Protect your heart and release these. Is there an area in your life where you need to set some boundaries? As Mercury goes into Retrograde, these are the things that you need to reflect on. How do you need to feel emotionally to live your best life? What do you need to cut out or implement to make this happen? Blue Calcite is calling on us to not only speak our truth but also live authentically in all areas of our lives. For ourselves and not for others. It also calls on us to look at how we can protect our personal space as well as re-thinking how we communicate with our self on a day to day level as well as on a soul level. Amethyst asks us to be clear and concise in our intentions as well as having patience. If patience is some thing we need to master, then the Retrograde period is an ideal time to work on this with Amethyst as our helper. We are being guided to connect with our higher selves on a deeper level and to clear the unnecessary mind chatter and distractions away. Clear Quartz is here to remind us that new beginnings are available to us all and that fresh and positive energy is for the taking. If you want it, go for it! And remember it is all ultimately down to us to bring in the reality we desire. That is what this year's energy is all about. These first few months have been the trial period in a sense. And with Spring at our doorstep we are now ready to step into the year that the universe knows we have been waiting for! Sending you all New Moon blessings! Keep that vibe high! Sonya Sage 💛🕉️💛 

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