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Within the womb

This message is channeled through from the essence of Mary Magdalene.

Within the womb lives an entire Chakra system. Yes it has been there forever, in the sense that a baby will grow within the womb with its Chakra system developing throughout each trimester.

But this is also something different, something new, an emerging energy. Much the way that Chakras that were once 'hidden' are being unlocked and coming into our present awareness, within the Sacral Chakra lies what is the equivalent to the main 7 Chakras plus a couple of other energy centres to be unlocked.

This is one of the reason that the crystals that are now coming into our possession are evolving and not presenting with the standard description that has been accessible for the past few decades. It is also the reason why new crystals are being discovered.

There is dormant energy lying within the womb. These facets of energy have been asleep for too long.

The Chakra system within the womb is a Feminine only focused energy. The reason for this is that for many centuries women have suffered oppression. The ugly side of masculinity and ego dominance continues to dominate Mother Earth. This is irrespective of the amazing men out there who are doing their healing work, connecting with their shadow aspects and bringing in light whilst making powerful headway with the divine masculine energy.

More women need to rise. More women need to heal. There are still so many women birthing males and willingly allowing them to dominate. So many women are bringing these young cubs up to not honour their masculinity, and even more so not honouring the divine mother! This goes across many cultures.

Each culture needs to be creating a divine Feminine movement, that is so powerful it makes sweeping changes within family, politics, schools, spiritually, emotionally, food, health and even more.

Do not work from the ego thinking that you can bring change to another culture. Each culture needs their own leaders to head this work. Each culture has different issues with regards to feminity that need to be addressed, worked on and healed. Each culture is also working to a different time line. The focus is on your own culture, your own collective and the healing work that needs to be done there. 

The womb work that has been done was preliminary. The work to be done now is about action and really making a change. 

It's not about being in your neat little spiritual box, believing that sending love and light to the planet is enough.

The work needed now comes from going in at a grass roots level, bringing in change and the rise of the Divine Feminine to your own doorstep.

And so it is.

©The Sage Son

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