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Mercury Retrograde

What you all so scared about? You've got the opportunity re-work your shit so it's tip top and ready to drop! *shamelessly slutdrops to the floor*

OK seriously, be mindful and all of that stuff but Mercury's biggest message to you guys is to drop the fear game. All that law of attraction stuff that you're all going on about... Well that's still going on when this powerful communicator is in Retrograde so all you're going to attract is fear and worry and topsy turvy everything. He's told me to let you all know that this transit you're to work with Smoky Quartz as it protects your goddamn electrical that your so precious about from accidents, damage etc. And it will also bring you a gently grounding so you can get on with day to day life without transmitting a shit load of anxious energy out there. Don't you realise we're also dealing with eclipse season!  Use this time to communicate your truth to the arse hole who broke your heart, use it to revisit and revise that idea that you can't seem to get off the ground. Use Mercury Retrograde energy to get life in order. AND!!!! Remember to check the small print! Real talk! 

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