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Full Moon in Leo Message


♌ Black Moonstone ♌ Black Tourmaline ♌ Clear Quartz Not quite so quick babe. There's something stepping out of the shadows that needs your attention. Yes you will swear, you will curse. You have absolutely had it. How many more times do you have to go over the same old thing? If you just stop for a minute, you'll realise that you have a few little things that need refining. You have this thought in your head that '2019 is my year, it will be different'. But will it really? You're still doing things the same way so how on earth will things change? So it's time to confront the shadow. Your shadow. The one that you try and hide with love and light. The shadow that you keep trying to push down with positive affirmation and meditations that are not bringing you a thing. That belief that you will travel the world and be omming your heart out yet you cannot see anyway of getting there. Release your shadow and get real! Get angry with yourself! Tell the universe to stop fucking about with you! Scream at the top of your lungs! Yes do all of that crazy shit. It's in you and you have just suppressed it. Thinking that this whole positivity vibe will magically bring you what you need. And because at your very core, you are thinking why the fuck am I still trying to do this shit, that is why you are not getting the results. Release it. Unleash your shadow. Don't suppress your innermost you. It is what makes you so unique and wonderful. It's in bringing it to the surface that you finally clear the space needed to plan, take action and work authentically towards the dream.

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