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Channelled Message

You're in a really important phase right now. It's a recognition that you have the key. And if you place it in the right lock, in the correct keyhole, you'll discover that there are an abundance of gifts and experiences waiting to unfold for you. Here's the thing, you have to be brave and courageous. You have to be willing to commit to yourself which in turn will result in commitment to others. This calls for your vulnerability. The release of fear and beliefs that limit you. The strength to stand up and dismantle outdated beliefs and ways of being that run through your family, your culture and society at large. Ask yourself how these ways of being and doing have and are serving humanity? How can something that stems from egoic patriarchy honour the divine Feminine and that of the divine masculine in balance? This current timeline is now screaming at you to step out of your comfort zone. How long are you going to Bury your head in the sand and continue to uphold the 3d version when you knew you were called to anchor in the new 5d grid and support others in holding space within the new ascension timelines. If this is you, then it's time to get moving. Speaking, doing, taking action. Allow you voice to speak YOUR truth against what are frankly injustices. Even if it's to finally speak that truth to yourself. The universe is waiting for you to really move. To truly create waves. But she will move her ship out of the harbour and sail to the next port with or without you. And so it is. 📸 @selfcircles @nylacaptures 

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